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June 6, 2009
Annual Chowderfest
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Each year Portsmouth hosts the state's oldest and largest chowder festival.  Be
certain to come early and hungry to get the state's best chowder.  For more info

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Worth Quoting

"Many a fair flower springs out of a dunghill."  ~ New England proverb

More New England proverbs & quotes

Notes from the Heart... food! Yesterday I picked some dandelion leaves to toss in with my
lunchtime salad (see reader's note, below).  If you are lucky enough to know how
to identify a fiddlehead you can certainly add quite a bit of free veggies into your
diet.  If you don't know a fiddlehead fern from a fiddlehead on a violin, you
ought to check your local grocer or farmers market instead if you live in
fiddlehead country.  If you are interested in more free food for the pickin' check
out Theresa Ludwick's article on
New England's Wild Edibles.  

If you're lucky enough to come across some fiddleheads (make sure you can
identify them!) try this recipe for
Fiddlehead Ferns Saute, or check out my new
special report on
how to cook delicious (and easy!) dishes with fiddlehead ferns.

Dear Heart...

This is a quick "my two cents" response to the article that says that the fiddlehead
fern is the first green vegetable to appear in the spring.  It is not.  I, and many
others in my town, am harvesting dandelions in April.  And I would trade you
100 lbs of fiddleheads for 1 lb of dandelion.  Yes, that "weed" is my favorite of all
greens.  Better than spinach, better than chard, etc., etc.  I am a New Englander
myself, but of half Italian descent.  You Yankees from farther north don't know
what you're missing.  Damn the Weed-B-Gone company, and anyone else who
threatens my favorite vegetable.  Alas, I've already picked as much as I can
(before it gets old and makes yellow flowers) and have to wait an entire year to
get more. (Jim Hickley)

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Issue #246
May 13, 2009
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New England's Wild Edibles

Fiddlehead Ferns Saute

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