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Calendar Pick of the Week:

Mid November
Historic Thanksgiving
Tamworth, New Hampshire

Where did our modern Thanksgiving traditions come from? Tour an exhibit on
the history of this important holiday. Sample the flavors of the season while
watching interpreters prepare traditional foods using historic recipes on the
hearth. Learn how to pluck a turkey. Get in the holiday spirit and come for an
afternoon of food, a warm fire, and a little bit of history.  At the Remick Country
Doctor Museum & Farm. More info: 800-686-6117, or visit:

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"“The New England conscience does not stop you from doing what you
shouldn' just stops you from enjoying it.” ~ Cleveland Armory

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Notes from the Heart...

For those of us feeling poor these days as we watch our retirement and college
funds go down the toilet, here's a little dose of reality.  Find out where you stand
in terms of the global population (make sure you enter $$ since this site is out of
the U.K.).  Quite an eye-opener (I feel kind of middle class myself, but according
to this list, I'm in the upper 1 percent. )  Click here:  
Global Rich. ~M.
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New England Gallery
Issue #223
October 28, 2008
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Greetings from:.
The Heart
of New England!

Who Needs Florida?
(Senior Living in New England)
Compost Leaves, Don't Burn

Smoked Pork Shoulder

From the Archives:
Moose Safety Tips

Calendar Pick
Historic Thanksgiving (NH)

October Giveaway:
The book: "Haunted Hikes of
New Hampshire" here to enter giveaway!

Congratulations to Joey Campbell  
of Iowa who won September's
giveaway -- a copy of
"A Voyage
Long and Strange"
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This Week's Stories:

Feature: Senior Living in New England
When you think of retiring, Northern New England doesn’t immediately come to
mind. Generally, most people envision spending their golden years surrounded
by warm weather, their toes in the sand and waves lapping at their feet.

Feature: Compost, Don't Burn
You may like the smell of burning leaves, but did you know you were sending an
excellent soil conditioner up in smoke? Instead of burning leaves or stuffing them
in garbage bags for the trash haulers to take away, compost them.

Recipe: Maple Mustard Glazed Smoked Pork Shoulder
This preparation could not be simpler, but it reminded us how good a well
smoked ham can be.

From our Archives: Moose Safety Tips
There are approximately 40,000 moose living in Maine, New Hampshire and
Vermont.  While it is always an awesome sight to see a moose, they are extremely
hazardous if they happen to lumber onto the highway onto the path of your
oncoming vehicle.  

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Marcia & Sadie Dog in The Heart of New England (Keene, NH)
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Vermont Dog Powered Sports Activities Sled Dogs in Yard
Dog Sledding In Vermont
Vermont Dog Powered Sports Activities
Vermont Siberian Husky kennel offering a wide variety of dog powered activities including dogsled rides, dog cart rides, skijoring, and scootering. We also offer instruction in all of the above as well as presentations.
Starting at US $120 Person

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