Calendar Pick of the Week:

Franconia Notch Festival
Honors Old Man of the Mountain
May 3, 2008 -- noon to 9 p.m.

Five years to the day after the Old
Man collapsed, there will be music
and dancing in Franconia Notch
as part of a festival tribute to the state icon.
The Wicked Smart Horn Band shares top billing with the Fifth Annual Profile
Awards and a lakeside tribute to the much-loved Old Man of the Mountain at
Cannon Mountain on Saturday, May 3 from noon to 9 pm. Governor John Lynch
has been invited to preside at a tribute to the Old Man at the Veterans
Memorial Park on the shore of Echo Lake starting at 2 pm.

The Old Man of the Mountain Legacy Fund was formed in 2003 to develop plans
to commemorate the Old Man. This year’s event at Franconia Notch State Park is
designed to showcase the Park’s scenic beauty and honor the Old Man. Local
Chambers of Commerce are co-sponsors of the Festival, and have organized
special music, student projects, family hikes and bike rides along the paved bike
path from Echo Lake to Profile Lake. Cannon Mountain is opening the aerial
tramway for rides to the summit of Cannon from 12 – 3:30, with a portion of the
proceeds to benefit the Old Man Legacy Fund. Cost is $11 for adults, $7 for
children ages 6-12, and children 5 and under free with adult. At the tram base
lodge, visitors can see the 17-foot-long model of the proposed monolithic
sculpture to the Old Man, and see a short film about the $4.8 million effort to
commission an original three-part outdoor monument. Old Man Bobbleheads
and books about the state’s most famous image will be for sale at the Old Man
Country Store. Dave and Deborah Nielsen, longtime caretakers of the Old Man,
will share their recollections with visitors at the Old Man of the Mountain
Museum near Profile Lake, which contains many exhibits about the Old Man.  
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Ah, spring.  What more can I say? I'm seeing neighbors I haven't seen all winter.
People smile, wave, and can't help but praise the sunshine and warm weather. I
have been out gardening for two days...just soaking it all in.  We need to get the
warmth while we can, after all, as Robert Frost so aptly observed, we're never
quite sure when it will all go away.  Happy spring.  ~M.
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April  19 2008
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This Week:

Guide to Maine Lighthouses

Cream Cheese Pound Cake

From the Archives:
Spring Peepers Have Arrived
Vernal Pools

Calendar Pick
NH: Old Man Honored

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This Week's Stories:

Feature: Guide to Maine's Lighthouses
The black and white lighthouses of Maine are perhaps the state's most
recognized symbol. These beacons of light have allowed many a sailor to
navigate his way through the rocky channels and harbors of Maine and many are
still doing that same job today for the U.S. Coast Guard.

Recipe: Cream Cheese Pound Cake (with Blueberries)
This crusty pound cake has been a family favorite since my wife Joanne found it
in a magazine in the eighties. She thinks she may have found it in Southern
Living while visiting her mother in Florida, which would support my theory that
southerners have some of the best dessert recipes.

From our Archives:

Spring Peepers: Bright Spots in a Muddy Season
The first warm days that bring on the muddy mess also bring the promise of new
life and days spent outside unencumbered by hats, coats, long underwear and
boots. But, probably the biggest reason to celebrate mud season is a tiny, seldom
seen, but often heard frog – the spring peeper!

Do You Have a Vernal Pool in Your Backyard?
On a rainy night when the temperature is above 40 degrees you can not only hear
the chorus of frogs but see northern New England's wonderful amphibians. Keep
your eyes peeled for frogs and salamanders coming out of the woods, crossing
your yard, the road, or whatever obstacle might be in their way. These critters are
making their annual migration from winter habitat to breeding habitat – they are
headed for vernal pools.

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