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Appalachian Trail Adventures is a hiking spa that provides daily guided hikes along the Appalachian Trail and the Long Trail throughout the Green Mountains of Vermont for hikers of abilities and weight loss retreat participants.

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Worth Quoting

"Mud season is also sugaring season. We really prefer a long and difficult spring.
... We're alone in that.” ~ Patrick Hooker (a New Yorker, but this observation
sounds very New England to me!)

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Notes from the Heart...

We went to Stuart & Johns Sugar House
in Westmoreland, NH the other morning
for a delicious pancake breakfast and
to watch their sugaring operation (you
can walk right into the sugar shack while
you wait for your breakfast to come out
and taste freshly made syrup).  We usually
go at least once a year during sugaring season, and look forward to all that warm
freshly made syrup, made right there on the farm, on top of those fluffy pancakes
-- YUM!.  One of the little pleasures of living in northern New England. ~ Marcia
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Issue #199
March 30, 2008
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Greetings from:.
The Heart
of New England!

This Week:

Sugar on Snow

Turkey Chili

From the Archives:
My First Contra Dance

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NH Try it & Buy it Expo

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This Week's Stories:

Feature: Sugar on Snow
The calendar tells us that spring has sprung even though there is a twelve or
fifteen foot snow bank at the end of my driveway. Still we can’t deny, the days
are finally getting longer, warmer and sunnier although the nights are still pretty
darn cold. This change in the weather heralds not just the tail end of winter but
sugaring season. Take a long walk through the country and you may spot lots of
metal buckets hanging from maple trees. Or more likely you’ll see a strange
tangle of plastic tubing running from tree to tree.

Recipe: Turkey Chili
We have ten foot high snow banks, one of which reaches the roof on the north
side of our garage, and today, a date when in past years I was nearly done
making maple syrup, I helped a neighbor tap some of our maples. So, since
winter is still holding on in central and northern New Hampshire, I thought I’d
share my wife Joanne’s healthy chili recipe. Originally a vegetarian chili, it has
been modified over the years and is a staple in our family, welcome on cold,
windy nights.

From our Archives: My First Contra Dance
The music -- a lively fiddle and piano -- played traditional folk and more recent
variations of those tunes that are hundreds of years old. The music was
exceptional as were the dancers. Even though I had never been to a contra dance
before, and it was apparent many in attendance had, I actually felt people were
happy to see me.  

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Calendar Pick of the Week:

The Made In NH "Try It & Buy It" Expo
Manchester, NH
April 4, 5, & 6 2008

The Made In NH Expo is dedicated to showcasing the wide variety of
innovative products and services available in the Granite State. Now in
its 13th year, this show highlights NH's diversity with exhibits ranging
from the latest in high technology to Yankee ingenuity and fine
craftsmanship. Tickets: $8 Adults, $7 Seniors, $3 Children.  For more information,
call: 603-626-6354 or visit:

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