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Worth Quoting

"Over the winter glaciers,
I see the summer glow,
And through the wild-piled snowdrift
The warm rose buds below."

Ralph Waldo Emerson (from his poem, The World Soul)
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Notes from the Heart...

They say that the Eskimo has dozens of words for snow.  Here in New England
we've had at least a dozen different types of snow this winter and I think we should
start giving snow our own names.

Downy Snow.  December snowfall...that benign fluffy happy kind of snow --
Christmas snow that blows merrily around and is easy to shovel.  Snow that makes
you want to just lay down and snuggle right into it and make snow angels.  

Hunker Down Snow.  By January after many snowfalls, any snow that falls may
warrant a snow day (a milder version gives your kids a two-hour delay...I think
we've had at least one a week this winter).  This kind of  snow is more serious than
downy snow; it's little heavier to shovel, a little less happy, a little more like work.  

Crème Brûlée  Snow. Really crunchy on top, soft underneath.  

Granite Snow. It is now February and we had a storm that dropped another 5 or 7
inches, followed by a torrential downpour of rain, followed by below freezing
temps.  This has created driveways that are sheets of ice, and snow mounds hard as
boulders of rock.   Lethal stuff that collapses roofs and sends people to the
emergency room when they fall on it.  

Dying Snow. Melting, slushy, dirty snow metamorphosing into water.  And after
this harsh winter, there will be no sad eulogies given by this New Englander.  
~ Marcia
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Issue #194
February  17, 2008
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Greetings from
The Heart
of New England!

This Week:

Balancing Wood Smoke &
Your Health

Broiled Grapefruit

From the Archives:
Coyote Sightings

Calendar Pick:
Maple Sugaring Event,
Remick Museum, NH

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This Week's Stories:

Feature: Balancing Wood Smoke & Your Health
In Maine and throughout northern New England, with cold
winters and a forested landscape, wood is an obvious choice
for home heating. Wood continues to be plentiful and has been
used to heat dwellings since the first people began to live here.
All wood smoke, whether visible or not, can affect the health of
everyone in the neighborhood.  

Recipe: Broiled Grapefruit
With the great citrus available this time of year, this recipe is perfect on a cold
winter morning.

From our Archives: Coyote Sightings
I was cross country skiing  with some friends in Rindge, New Hampshire a number
of years ago when their two young daughters decided to forge ahead of the adults.
They were keeping a healthy lead until they encountered something that abruptly
sent them rushing back to their parents. They thought they’d seen a pack of

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Balancing Wood Smoke and Your Health
Calendar Pick of the Week:

Annual Maple Sugaring Event
Remick Museum
Tamworth, NH

March 15, 2008, 1-4 p.m.

See demonstrations of Native American, Colonial and modern backyard boiler
"sugaring off" methods. Visit the new Remick Museum Sugar House to see an indoor
evaporator system, and meet long‐time maple producer, John Dyrenforth. Taste a
variety of maple products, such as maple cream, maple jelly, maple candy, and the
all‐time favorite, sugar‐on‐snow! Maple syrup will be available for sale.
Exhibits at the Remick Museum will explore the life of maple trees, tapping trees,
collecting sap, and boiling it down to syrup. Learn how the process was first
introduced to early European settlers by Native Americans. The K. A. Brett
Elementary School PTA of Tamworth will sell food and refreshments as a fundraiser.
Come inside the Visitor’s Center and tour the living quarters of Dr. Edwin Crafts
Remick, the country doctor who owned the property, and view exhibits on the
agricultural way of life in New Hampshire from 1790 to the present.
Remick Country Doctor Museum & Farm is located at 58 Cleveland Hill Road,
Tamworth, NH. For more information, call (800) 686‐6117 or (603) 323‐7591, or visit
our website at
Marcia & Sadie Dog in The Heart of New England (Keene, NH)
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