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Winter Solitude
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Valentine's Day will be here before you know it!  Need some ideas
for the perfect Valentine's Day gift? Vermont Teddy Bears are a fun
and creative alternative to flowers. This is a great and original
Valentine's Day gift idea that will remind your sweetie of your
thoughtfulness long after Valentine's Day is over.
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"I hate quotations. Tell me what you know. " Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Notes from the Heart...

My teenage daughter made an interesting comment this week.  She said: "I wish it
was socially acceptable to sleep the whole winter."   I understand. I'm having
trouble waking up lately...and long to put on my pjs and crawl underneath the
down comforter at 7 p.m. (if only I could!)  If it wasn't for a few little things, like
work, family, a household, the dog, cats, just to name a the stigma of
staying in bed all day...I might just want to hibernate the entire winter like some of
our furry wildlife!  Instead, I use my lightbox to chase away the winter doldrums.  
This week, our feature from the archives (one that I publish every winter just to
remind us all) is all about surviving the winter and adding a little light to your life.

Dear Heart:
Your e-letter this past week was so enjoyable.  I shared the article about the
Chinook dogs with my hubby (who then signed up for the e-letter!!), as he loves
dogs and was also just up in Tamworth, NH earlier this month.  He in turn, shared
the article with others. I whole-heartedly agree with your comments about
ski-mobiles.  They can be lots of fun and all, but one needs to be safety minded, as
well as be mindful of the noise and one's "road" manners.  Like many things - there
is a need for balance in use. I have a Vermont Teddy Bear that my hubby gave me
quite a number of years ago.  He is a black bear and so beautiful and cuddly.  He
has a pair of cover-alls and neckerchief.   I also ordered the Hanukkah outfit for
him, so he is part of our Hanukkah/Christmas decorations.  We have visited the
plant where these bears are made - very interesting and a good family day outing.  
It's nice to know that some things are still made in Vermont/USA.  Thanks again for
your interesting, newsy e-letter.  Keep up the good work. Warmly (although it's
COLD here in Georgia right now),
a homesick Vermonter  

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Issue #192
February 3, 2008
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Greetings from
The Heart
of New England!

This Week:

PHAT Hats: Fashion and
Safety on Vermont's Slopes

New England Comfort Foods

From the Archives:
The Winter "Blues"

Calendar Pick:
Sleigh Rides at Billings Farm,

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"The Pudding Hollow Cookbook"

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Massachusetts who won 2
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Calendar Pick of the Week:

Sleigh Ride Weekends
Featured at Billings Farm & Museum
Woodstock, Vermont
February 16-18 and 23&24, 2008, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Billings Farm & Museum’s Sleigh Ride Weekends
are a popular winter event  featuring sleigh rides,
sledding with jack jumper sleds, tours of the
dairy farm and farmhouse, and interactive
programs. Climb aboard the Billings Farm sleigh for a ride through the frosty farm
fields and take a turn with a jack jumper sled. In commemoration of President’s
Day, hands-on activities will include making presidential silhouettes and making
and sampling favorite cookies of the Presidents, including Hermits (Rutherford B.
Hayes), Grover Cleveland ‘s Snickerdoodles,  Zachary Taylor’s Black Pepper
Cookies and Grace Coolidge’s famous Ice Box Cookies.

In the barns, discover Vermont dairying – past and present – and learn about the
development of the Billings Farm, still one of the best Jersey farms in America.  The
horse barn, calf nursery, milk room, cow barn, and sheep pen are stops along the
self-guided tour.  Up-close programs with the livestock will be offered.

The restored and furnished 1890 Farm House will be open for touring, featuring
the farm office, family living quarters, creamery, and ice house.

Sleigh Ride Weekend admission includes sleigh rides and sledding, the farm, farm
house and activities, plus A Place in the Land, an Academy Award® nominee film.

For more information visit:
The Billings Farm & Museum
The Heart of New England
Celebrating the unique character & culture of Maine ~ New Hampshire ~ Vermont
This Week's Stories:

Feature: PHAT Hats: fashion and safety on Vermont slopes
These days, if you’re still wearing a knit pom-pom hat when you ski or ride, you
might as well be skiing on wooden boards. The latest craze is “PHAT” — an
innovative approach to changing on-slope fashion that’s increasing helmet use at
Vermont resorts at an astonishing rate — and it’s spreading to ski resorts

Recipe: New England Cold Weather Comfort Foods
I almost hate to admit it but I am one of those crazy New Englanders over the age of
15 who still loves the cold snowy winters. (I say over 15 because I have yet to meet
a young child who didn’t like winter.)  One of the reasons? Comfort foods!

From our Archives: Winter Blues? Lighten Up!
Now that winter is here, how are you feeling? Are you irritable? Depressed?
Eating too many sweets?Oversleeping?Dreaming of escaping to a sunny island in
the Caribbean? You could chalk up these feeling to cabin fever. But it may be more
than that: It could be that the short days and long nights of our New England
winters are making you SAD.

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