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Say Goodbye to Summer

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Say Goodbye to Summer
By Susan Nye

How did it happen? Suddenly it’s the end of summer. Look around and you
can see all the telltale signs that summer is almost over. The nights are cool
and the mornings crisp. A few leaves on the swamp maple across the road
have turned a rusty red. Back-to-school sales are on in full force. Even the
summer Olympics are over. Team USA will be back in full force in London in
2012, but for now they have swum their last race, shot their last put and
hurdled their last hurdle.

For some unknown reason it’s always a shock when Labor Day arrives. Sure,
we know it’s coming but every year we are surprised by how quickly it gets

Why it seems like just a few days ago it was the 4th of July. Boats decked out
in red, white and blue were parading on the lake, kids were lined up to take
their raft tests and all the fun of summer was ahead of us. Then all of a sudden
our calendars aren’t filled with beach parties, sand castle contests and swims to
the island, but with the end of summer beach clean up and cookout.
Throughout the holiday weekend there will be a mad scramble up and down
the lake to get boats and rafts out of the water and docks secured for the
winter. Beach balls will be deflated and packed away with sand chairs, water
skis and life preservers.

All around Pleasant Lake, NH families are already starting to pack up and
head south. In spite of the spotty cell phone service, reality has started to call
and our summer visitors are forced to answer. They must say goodbye to the
peace and quiet of the lake and return to the hustle and bustle of bumper-to-
bumper traffic and mega malls.

My brother and his family have already loaded the car with kids, dogs,
oversized duffle bags, backpacks and pink suitcases and returned to
Massachusetts. My nieces will spend their final days of summer at sports try-
outs and practices. Sure, they may be back for one last day or two, but they
have already traded in the lazy days of summer for back-to-school shopping,
busy suburban schedules and car pools.

While summer may be waning, the fall promises to be particularly interesting
and very busy. While the Olympics may be over the World Series is still ahead
of us. The Red Sox have had some ups and downs, can we hope for another
championship? If not, well, football is just starting its pre-season.

We can also expect lots of fun and excitement in the political arena this fall.
The race for President is heating up, as well as various contests for the Senate
and Congress. The Democrats and Republicans are getting ready to convene in
Denver and Minneapolis; or is it Saint Paul?  Far from the conventions centers,
campaign posters are popping up on front lawns throughout our own little
town. We may only carry a few electoral votes but New Hampshire takes its
elections very seriously. And ever since we became a swing state, well, the
candidates seem to take us more seriously too.  

Before you say that final goodbye to summer and jump into the reality of a
busy fall, I hope that you can squeeze in a few more days of fun in the sun.
Whether you choose to play golf or tennis, hike or bike, float or boat or just
laze around in the sunshine; enjoy the holiday. The long weekend is a great
time to gather your family and friends together for one last summer
celebration.  Fire up the grill and raise your glasses to toast each other and the
last few days of another wonderful summer.

About the author:  Susan Nye lives in New London. She is a freelance writer
and caterer. To learn more about her catering services or to find more recipes
visit her web site at or email her at
© Susan W. Nye, 2008
©The Heart of New England online magazine
...celebrating the unique character & culture of Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont!
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