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Love Letters
By Susan Nye

When was the last time you received a love letter? Or for that matter, when
was the last time you sent one?

If you’re lucky, you’re smiling right now. Maybe you found a sweet little
note in your brief case when you got to the office this morning. Or maybe
you sent a quick “i luv u” text message late in the afternoon.

But really, when was the last time you sent or received a love letter? A real
love letter. Not on a few words on sticky note. Not a few lines in an email.
Not a text message. Not a cute card. Not an even cuter card, the kind that
plays your song. But an honest-to-goodness-handwritten-on-paper-with-a-
pen-and-mailed-through-the-US-postal-service-with-a-stamp love letter. The
kind of letter that get saved for decades, bundled with mementos, tied with a
faded pink ribbon and kept safe in the back of the drawer.  

Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning were famous for their letters. So were
Abigail and John Adams. Even Winston Churchill wrote love letters to his
beloved Clemmie. And I’ve never thought of Winston as a romantic figure.
Heroic, yes. Smart, yes. Romantic, no.

Even if you are absolutely, head-over-heels in love it’s probably been a while
since you wrote a love letter. There are lots of reasons. Some of them are even
good reasons.

Maybe you broke your arm wrestling a bear. Or you’re a top super-secret spy
and can’t let a sample of your handwriting or finger prints get into the wrong
hands. Like the post office, I’ve heard rumors that there are moles in the
postal service. Or you just got your nails done. Or you hurt your wrist
playing too much Nintendo.

Or more likely you are just too darn busy.

Sure the nails and Nintendo steal a little of our nonexistent free time but
mostly we are busy with real work and real life. The Adams, the Brownings
and the Churchills had it easy. They didn’t have a slew of modern
conveniences to distract them and steal their time. They were not chained to
cell phones, computers and Blackberries. They were not constantly
interrupted by conference calls and urgent text messages which are rarely
urgent. No one worried about multi-tasking and life was a lot simpler. There
were fewer chores to juggle and not quite so many errands to run. They
didn’t have carpools to drive, soccer games to coach or Girl Scout cookies to

In today’s reality couples sometimes get so busy they forget to make time for
real romance. So it is a good thing we have Valentine’s Day. It reminds us to
make some time for romance. At least once a year.

So with the economy in a shambles this might not be the Valentine’s Day for
diamonds or even a fancy restaurant or a big box of gourmet chocolates.

However, it could be the perfect time to send your one true love a romantic
letter. Handwritten, on real paper with a real pen. There’s no spell check, so
spelling doesn’t count. The only thing that matters is that you write from the

And it’s okay to forgo the post office. Personal delivery, especially with a
single red rose or a perfect chocolate truffle, is always a nice touch. Have a
wonderful Valentine’s Day

About the author: Susan Nye lives in New London and is a freelance writer and
cook. For more recipes and to learn about her cooking classes, catering services and
Around the Table chef’s aprons visit her web site,
Susan Nye.
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