How I Almost Got "Wyethed" (My Brush with Andrew Wyeth)
by Brian Kliewer

I grew up in "Wyeth Country" here in Maine (which encompasses an area of the
Midcoast that has been home to three generations of Wyeths).  

Being from the area, I even used to see him (Andrew Wyeth, who died at the
age of 91 in 2009) from time to time and once stood in line behind him at a local
frame shop.  

The place was as busy as could be but no one -- other than the person at the
counter, and myself -- knew who this old man was.  I thought about
introducing myself, but chose to allow him to keep his anonymity.  

But nothing compares to the time I almost "Wyethed" myself ...

Like Mr. Wyeth, I am also an artist. In fact, I was a big Andrew Wyeth fan
growing up.  I bought my first art book, "The Art Of Andrew Wyeth" when I
was 14 years old.  It became dog-eared in a short time.  As many local Mainers,
I have my own Wyeth story to tell.  

A few years ago I was out driving through the country about where Spear Hill
Road meets the Cushing Road in the South Warren/North Cushing area. As I
came to the intersection, I saw the hull of a lobster boat sitting in a stand of
pine trees.  There was no cabin, just a hull.   It immediately struck me as a
scene that I might like to paint, being so out of the ordinary.

Have you ever seen a lobster boat in a forest?  A local lobsterman had made a
clearing near his house so that he could work on his boat.  His house wasn't
immediately visible from the road, and all one could see was this boat hull in
the middle of a forest!  

I drove by it several times and kept thinking that it would make a great
painting. It sat there for at least a couple of years. Well, I never did get around
to painting it and even later decided that it looked too much like something
Andrew Wyeth himself might do.

My studio is a short distance from the Farnsworth Museum, so ... seeing an
original Andrew Wyeth is easy ... even new ones.  Anyway, a year or so after
that, I saw a new painting ...  HA!  There was my boat in the forest!   Only, it
was signed ... "Andrew Wyeth."

About the author:

Brian Kliewer was born and raised in Rockland, Maine. Kliewer's work is in
many private and corporate collections. Included among these are: MBNA
America, Bank of Ireland, The Fort Worth Star Telegram, Preti Flaherty
Beliveau and Pachios LLC, and Pierce Atwood. To get free screensavers of
Brian Kliewer's work visit his Web site at:
Kliewer Studio
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The author and artist, Brian Kliewer in his studio in Maine
In the Studio, Oil on Linen, by Brian Kliewer

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