Travels with Bufford:  York, Maine
By Bufford

Hi, I’m Bufford and me and my wife, the Beatrice like to go around in our homer
way from home motor home seeing things and meeting people.

Not too long ago me and the Beatrice took a homer trip to the fine state of Maine
in the area of York Beach.  That’s what’s great about a homer, you can go
homering just about anywhere you want, as long as there’s a road.

We got there in the fall so it was a quiet time in town which usually has lots of
folks visiting.  The tourists were gone but the seagulls weren’t, where else would
they go?

Well, in case you was wondering, there’s more than seagulls there in York Beach,
there’s a lot of beach that you can go walk on. There’s whats called Short Sands
and there’s a Long Sands, probably ‘cause one beach is short than the other.

You can go for a long walk on Long Sands or a short walk on Short Sands.

On either one the ocean is right nice to look at with the blue water and sky and
waves breaking white.  Lot’s of folks like to swim here in the summer but not
Bufford, no way, that water’s a might too cold for me so I go in but not all the

Now the ocean is always a-changing thing what with high tide and low tide.  Low
tide uncovers rocks and tide pools that have starfish, sand dollars, shells, trash,
and lots of other things for you to find.  It’s a great place for the young ones to
learn about critters and stuff so bring them along.

Me and the Beatrice went at night and walked on the
Long Sands Beach beach
some.  It was a cool night and there were lots of clouds and the moon was big and
full that night and it kept playing peekaboo through he clouds.  Well, it didn’t
actually say "peekaboo" but I think you know what I mean.  It sure was nice the
way it shined on the waves so I recommend an evening walk on the beach, bring
your own Beatrice.

There’s another thing about York, they got
Browns Ice Cream. Right there on the
coastal road near the Nubble Light.  

Go on over there in the evening some time you’re there and get a cone, or a hot
fudge sundae like I did, drive your homer over to the Nubble Lighthouse area
and eat your ice cream as the setting sunlight shines on the lighthouse.  It’s right
purty and a great way to end your day.

Evening walks are good and so are daytime walks so me and the Beatrice went a
walking down what’s called fisherman's walk that goes along the coastline. It’s
quiet except for the wind which was real strong, almost blowed my hat right offa
my head!  It was what Maine folk calls “wicked windy.”

Everything's wicked something there.  
Maybe you can learn to talk like a
Mainer.  I hear they’s classes you can take, just ask around town.

Well, that walk ends just about where another one begins and that’s right there by
the fisherman's memorial in York.  You’ll see it when you drive on the coast
there.  You can park along the road, walk into the park and find you the path and
go for a walk on it too.

In the morning lots of folks seem to walk their dogs on the beach 'cause they can
run a lot.  You might see some surfers getting some early waves also.  Joggers
like the beach too, there’s a lot to do there.  I think mostly folks like to just go and
enjoy the sun in the summertime and just relax and do nothing.  

Beatrice likes the marks my overall straps leave on my shoulders after I get a tan
when I go to the beach in the summer.

In the town of York you can find some fine shops where you can buy stuff to take
back wherever you came from and show your friends or keep it or whatever, it’s
yours, do what you want with it.  

I got some t shirts that got "York Beach Maine" on them, they look good with my
overalls if I do say so myself.  Way down the end of  town, which isn’t far, is a
little place set up by the York Chambers of Commerce.  They got brochures there
for kayakin' trips, fishin' charters and other stuff. They also got maps of the area
with all the main attractions on it so’s you know where to find them, so get one
when you go.

You should also try the salt water taffy that you can buy in town too.  You can
buy it at the
Goldenrod restaurant. You can get a fine meal at the Goldenrod
restaurant too.  

Me and the Beatrice had us an excellent breakfast there one morning.  The
waitress was right friendly, smiled a lot you know, so did all the other folks in
there.  It was a right friendly place.  They serve meals all day so plan on stopping
in and seeing the friendly folks there for yourself.

They also got
Yorks Wild Kingdom there with lots of animals and rides.  We
couldn’t go in on account of it was closed but me and the Beatrice plan on visiting
if we get there in the summer sometime.

Now theres something about York and that’s that it has a beautiful lighthouse
right there,  and that’s the
Nubble Light lighthouse.  It’s easy to get to along a
road that follows the coastal area, just follow the signs and park in the parking
lot.  The lighthouse is on an island just off the mainland and is photographed a
lot by folks cause it looks so nice and all.  Be sure to go see it during the day and
night, since it’s a lighthouse you ought to see it with the light on. The Beatrice got
a picture of me with the lighthouse, I like it.

Leastwise I should forget, I want to talk about lobsters.  They live in the ocean
and are easy to find anywhere near the ocean so we bought some to cook and eat
with our kids we were visiting too and were renting a house for the weekend.  

Cooking lobster is easy, can you boil water?  I can.
If you can then you can cook a lobster.  Just boil water
and throw the lobster in.  Yes, alive.  It’s always fun
to hold the lobster over the pot and go “OH NOOOOO”!!!,
just before you throw him in.  When he turns red he’s
pretty much done, you might want to cook him a little
longer, it’s your lobster, do what you want.  

Eating the lobster is another thing, that’s when they
should be called slobsters cause they's messy to eat.  
All you do is take the lobster out of the pot, use tongs
or something, not your hands, and put him on a plate.  
Now grab his head with one hand and his tail with the
other and just break that tail off.  

When I did this is when the Beatrice got an eyeful of slobster juice.  There she was
way across the table when I said to the Beatrice: “Look Beatrice, watch me tear
this lobster apart with my bare hands!” That’s when I found out real fast that
women just don’t think some things are very funny.  It was hard not to keep
laughing when she was wiping the slobster juice out of her eye but somehow I
did, but only when she was lookin’.  So we ate lots of lobsters steamed clams with
our family and then we all went for a walk on the beach.

Now Maine isn’t all coastline and beaches, it’s mostly something else.  In the York
is also a mountain you can climb on you feet, your bicycle, horse, or 4 wheeler.
Or you can drive up it. It’s
Mt. Agamenticus and it was the first place there was
ever a radar station.  It was put up there by the Army in WWII.  

Nothin' is forever and the Army left and a ski area was put in and, yep, you
guessed it, the ski are left too.  Now they’s got a lodge on top owned by the town
of Maine, and can you guess what they named that lodge?  The Agamenticus
Lodge.  What did you think they was gonna call it?  

Anyway, spend some time there, walk up it and enjoy the views or drive your
homer to the top and enjoy lunch, it’s your vacation.

Getting to York Beach is easy as can be, get on the interstate and head your homer
up the coast until you see the signs for York Beach and go there, like me and the
Beatrice did.  Staying in York is easy too with several campgrounds and hotels.  
They’s also lots of summer cottages if you wants to rent one but for all these
types of places to stay you’d best book early or there won’t be a room or campsite
for you.

Have a great time in York, Maine. Me and the Beatrice did.

About Bufford:

Bufford (who is fast becoming a New Hampshire icon) likes to take pictures and
write stories about his adventures traveling around New Hampshire in his
Homer.  If you spot him while visiting  New Hampshire (and you can’t miss
him!), make sure you say hello.  And you can always write to him at (he loves fan mail).  

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York, Maine

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Bufford at Nubble Light House in York Maine