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Smoky Cheese Oyster Bisque
By Jim Bailey, a.ka. "The Yankee Chef"

Not a true bisque, not a true chowder and yet, not a true stew. But it does have
all the taste and consistency of all three.

The smokiness of both the cheddar cheese and oysters makes this summertime
treat perfectly balanced without the addition of additional salt and pepper. For
those who like a little heat in the heat, add a pinch or two or red pepper flakes
before pulsing.

Otherwise, enjoy this simple, inexpensive yet classy presentation of what we
New Englanders are known for ... chowder! Or is it stew? Or bisque?

1 large potato, peeled and cubed
2 tablespoons butter or margarine
1 teaspoon minced garlic in oil
1/4 cup diced onion
1 cup light cream
4 ounces sharp cheddar cheese, shredded or diced
1 (8-ounce ) can smoked oysters, drained

Boil potatoes, covered, with 2 inches of water, on high, until soft, about 15-20
minutes. Meanwhile, over medium heat, melt butter in small skillet. Add garlic
and onions and cook until onions are softened, stirring often. When potatoes are
done, carefully transfer to the bowl of a food processor or blender along with the
onion/garlic mixture and light cream. Pulse until smooth, about 10-15 seconds
on high. Replace back into same pot as you cooked the potatoes, along with the
cheddar cheese. Scald over low heat until thickened slightly, about 8 minutes.
Add the oysters and continue scalding for another 2-3 minutes, stirring
frequently, or until oysters are heated through. Remove and serve.

Enough for 2 servings

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About the author: Jim Bailey is The Yankee Chef™. Bailey is a third
generation chef, a New England food historian and food columnist. His
new cookbook is called
The Yankee Chef: Feel Good Food for Every
Kitchen. He would love to hear from anyone about their old family
recipes. Email Jim Bailey any questions or comments:
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