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Got Milk? Make Mine Raw!
By Jennifer Wojenski

Got milk? Raw milk that is! I have to confess… I have become a milk snob. Offer
me a glass of Hood skim milk and I will surely turn away but offer me a glass of
the real “moo-coy”and I would certainly take you up on it. Many New
Englanders, like me, have found a local farm that sells this “white gold.”

I am lucky enough to live a couple miles away from Stonewall Farm in Keene,
NH where I have been getting my milk for several years. So, every Thursday I
plan a trip there with my glass bottles to exchange them for my weekly milk. If
my children are with me we often go in to see the cows and chat with the dairy
farmer. If we happen to be there for milking (4:30pm daily) it is even more of a

I’m not sure what initially got me to make the switch from pasteurized/
homogenized to “Raw” milk but now that I know the benefits… I’ll never go

Hmmm … the benefits? I’m no scientist
but I have learned that anything in
its most natural state is better for you
than something that has been altered
by heat and synthetic additives. The
modern cow is not the cow our ancestors
knew. Today’s cows are fed large
amounts of growth hormones
and feed not meant for cows so
that they will produce more milk.
The results are growth abnormalities,
illness to the cows, and degradation
of milk quality.

The modern day pasteurization process is also harmful to milk. Heating milk
destroys the good bacteria in milk leaving people more vulnerable to
salmonella poisoning – the very thing pasteurization is meant to protect against.

Pasteurization alters the proteins in milk and reduces the potency of vitamins.
Vitamin C is reduced by 50% and vitamin B-12 which is needed for healthy
blood is totally destroyed. Minerals, including calcium, (the ingredient people
think of when they think of milk qualities) are reduced. Enzymes in milk are
completely destroyed during pasteurization.  But it is these enzymes that help
digest and utilize the “good” qualities in milk. I guess if all of the “goodness” in
milk has already been destroyed then who needs these enzymes anyway!

Bottom line: know your milk! Know that it is coming from clean cows and that
the cows are grass fed. Don’t worry about the “fat” in raw milk as it is “good”
fat. Your body knows what to do with it. In addition, raw milk just tastes better.

For more information on the benefits of raw milk and a list by state of places to
get raw milk see
Weston Price and Real Milk.
The benefits of raw milk...
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Got Milk? Some of us like it raw!
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