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How to Cook a Perfect Maine Lobster
By Cheri Sicard

Lobster. Does any other food conjure up such images of luxury and decadence?
Without a doubt, lobster reins supreme as the perfect "Special Occasion, I've
Got to Impress" dinner.

But before you can serve lobster, you must
cook lobster, and that's where many
people draw the line. Dropping a live lobster into a bubbly pot of water rates at
the top of the list of most feared kitchen tasks. Some cooks are intimidated by
the mere thought of it.

The anxiety is needless. Cooking lobster isn't difficult. For advice on how to do
it right, we talked to Peter McLaughlin, Executive Chef at The Lobster Pound
Restaurant in Lincolnville Beach, Maine. Peter and his family serve over 80,000
pounds lobster at the popular restaurant each year so they must be doing
something right.

At the Lobster Pound, the tasty crustaceans are steamed in large tanks of sea
water, piped in from beyond the low tide point. All the restaurant's lobsters are
steamed in the same tanks so the water almost becomes a stock, imparting a
special flavor that's only found in a great Maine lobster house.

Since doing this at home would be problematic -- unless you live at the ocean
and are serving dinner for one hundred or more-- Peter suggests heavily salting
the water before boiling. Try about 1/4 cup in a large stock pot. He also
cautions against the most frequent mistake home cooks make -- cooking lobster
too long. Fifteen minutes in the pot is plenty for up to a two pound lobster.

Pounding Your Lobster?

Speaking of lobster size, did you know that the term "lobster pound" comes
from the process of "pounding" a lobster or determining its size? You'll find the
larger the lobster, the higher the per pound price. One and a half pounds is

Go For It!

Okay, so the moment of truth has arrived. You have a large pot of boiling,
salted water and you have your lobster. The key word now is speed. Submerge
the lobster quickly and the little guy won't know what hit him.

And that's it. Melt a little butter and you're done.

If your travels take you to Maine, you can visit The Lobster Pound in person. Call them
at 207-789-5550 for more information.

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