Free Range Turkeys for Thanksgiving:
Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont

Looking for a plump, healthy, free-range turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas?  
If you’re in Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont, here are some local farms
where you can get them (some farms have Web sites, others don’t and you’ll
have to contact them the old-fashioned way – by phone.  Make sure you call
before visiting).


Emma's Family Farm
Windsor, Maine

Raises free range, pasture fed heritage breed and broad breasted turkeys. Also  raise
chickens, ducks, geese, and pork free range and naturally. See what they're doing on the
farm at

High Pine Gardens
16 High Pine Road
York, Maine

This is a small market garden that has evolved from a family kitchen garden.  They are
adding free range turkeys this year (2007)

Dilly Dally Organic Farm
224 Packard Rd.
Plymouth, Maine
207 257 3009

In addition to turkeys they also offer a wide variety of  organic greens and vegetables.

Harvest Hill Farms, Inc.
840 Bakerstown Road Route #11
Poland, Maine

Also have natural range fed beef, pork, poultry and lamb, eggs, maple syrup and more.  
They can ship a gift basket anywhere in the world.

Hounds Tooth Farm
280 Stevens Pond Road
Montville, Maine

Natural and organic poultry hobby farm that the owners are expanding.  Plan to add milk
and fiber goats as well.

Snafu Acres Dairy Farm
259 Tillson Road
Monmouth, Maine

Raise and market grass-fed beef and rose veal, free-range chicken and Thanksgiving
turkeys, natural pork, and eggs from free-range hens. Farm tours are available with prior

Whispering Winds Farm
87 Standpipe Rd
Mechanic Falls, Maine

In addition to turkeys, sells free range organic chickens, eggs, pork, beef.  Also sells honey,
goats milk, vegetables, herbs and flowers.  


Wolfe’s Neck Farm
184 Burnett Road
Freeport, Maine
207-865 4469

Fresh, all-natural free-range, pasture-raised Broad Breasted Bronze
Thanksgiving turkeys supplemented with grain free from hormones and
antibiotics. Available by preorder (order online or by phone) ready for pick-up
on Wednesday, November 21st 2012. Pasture-raised lamb is also available. This
nonprofit farm is open free to the public every day from dawn to dusk.

New Hampshire

A Yankee Farmer's Market
360 Route 103 East
Warner, New Hampshire

A Buffalo farm that offers many NH products, including USDA insp. Buffalo meat,
venison meat, Ostrich, Free-range chicken, turkeys and other all natural meats.

Cabin View Farm
1223 Slate Ledge Road
Littleton, New Hampshire

Also has a traveling facility to process your own turkey, chicken and lamb in a sanitary,
clean environment.  Raises its own poultry with all natural grains and without
antibiotics.  All free-range.

Enchanted Feather Farm
New Hampshire

Family owned farm in the lakes region of New Hampshire.  Free range turkeys and
chickens.  While the farm utilizes organic practices, it is not certified organic. The farmers
say that their goal is to show customers that this label is not necessary to grow safe,
nutritious food.

Hermit Brook Farm
Plummer Road
Sanbornton, New Hampshire

Raises and sells over 600 free range turkeys per year. Also sells chickens.

Kelly Corner Farm
3 Pleasant St
Chichester, New Hampshire

USDA certified pasture fed lamb and fresh eggs and seasonal free range chickens &
turkeys. They also offer fiber, fleeces, Roving and yarn for hand spinners and crafters in  
"Lots of Locks" fiber shop located at the farm. Farm visits are always welcome, call ahead if
at all possible

Owens Farm
122 Dutton Rd.
Pelham, New Hampshire

Family farm that raises livestock under natural and humane conditions; lambs are raised
on pasture and supplemented with grain.; pigs live in tree-shaded outdoor pens. We raise
turkeys and roaster chickens under free range conditions, in small batches to avoid
overcrowding. Farm also has educational programs for kids and families.


BS Enterprises at Crazy Acres
Danby, Vermont

A small family farm in the heart of the Green Mountains.  Grow and sell all natural,
Narragansett turkeys (a heritage breed turkey) poults and their fertilized eggs.

Shuttleworth Farm, LLC
649 Loop Road
Westfield, Vermont

A family-owned and operated farm in the Northeast Kingdom.  In addition to
turkeys, also raise rare French, British and American breeds of sheep and cattle.

Attention northern New England turkey farmers: Do you raise free-range turkeys and
would like to be listed on this page? (It's free!) Send your information to the Marcia Duffy
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Photo courtesy of Wolfes Neck Farm