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Ice Cream is Always Hot!
Fresh Ice Cream in Maine,
New Hampshire & Vermont
by Jennifer Wojenski

I scream, you scream, we all scream
for ice cream! I want my ice cream in
a cone, in a dish, in a frappé, or heck,
who am I kidding -- I’ll eat it right out
of the carton!

Good old fashioned "hard" ice cream is
"hard" to find these days. As I travel around
New England I’ve noticed that soft serve is becoming more and more popular.

But homemade taste can only be found in the traditional hard ice cream that you
find at so many of the ice cream shops around New England. (A note of trivia:
soft serve can not be called ice cream because it doesn’t have the minimum 10%
butterfat to be called ice cream. Premium ice creams have somewhere
around 16% butterfat.)

Americans eat somewhere around 48 pints of ice cream per year and as
Americans we eat more ice cream than any other country. But I also heard from a
reliable source, Bob Knight, a former dairy farmer (Knights Farm Dairy) that New
England has the #1 per capita consumption rate of any region in the country.

New Englanders sure love their ice cream!

My all time favorite ice cream is Kimball Farm ice cream in Jaffrey, NH (also
located in Westford and Carlisle, MA). Their ice cream is rich and creamy and
they have great flavors. Not to mention the portions are huge too (even the
kiddie sizes).

It is a true New England experience going to Kimball’s. They have great food --
the traditional kind like hamburgers and fries lobster and clam rolls -- but if
you’re like me you can’t eat dinner and ice cream -- it’s just too much. So, I
recommend skipping dinner and going for the Mocha Almond or any of their 40
other flavors. Kimball’s is also located adjacent to an air strip so after you get
your ice cream you can go and watch the airplanes. You always see people you
know at Kimball’s so it makes it a bit of a social event too.

The following is a listing of my other favorite ice cream spots around New
England. I’m sure there are some other great spots out there too!  

Goldenrod  – York, ME.  -- This is a candy store, restaurant and ice cream parlor.
Bustling in the summer. Sit at the counter and order a root beer float and you
may forget you are in the 21st century.

Brown’s, York, ME  – A "must" if you are going out to Nubble Light.

Ben and Jerry’s, Waterbury, VT  -- Everyone knows about these two hippies!

Cote’s - Brunswick, ME. It’s been a long time since I’ve visited, but it is one of
the best!

Johnsons Ice Cream Epsom, NH –- Richardson’s Dairy ice cream. Don’t order
anything more than a kiddie here either.

Arnies, Concord, NH. –- Drive-in style with great food too. Cruise night every
Tuesday night.

Flurries – Merideth , NH. Great spot and great ice cream across from Lake

Sawyers – Gilford, NH -- Frappes are delicious. You can buy cartons to take

Sweet Kathy's Ice Cream Parlor - Plymouth, NH. One of the few year-round ice
cream parlors in the state.  In addition its wonderful ice cream and chocolates
they donate a percentage of profits to Breast Cancer Research.

When some of these ice cream shops close up for the winter I suggest getting a
small electric ice cream maker. I have a Cuisinart and it works great. If you are
able to get farm milk and cream you can make some of the best ice cream right at
your own home in less than one hour.

Vanilla Ice Cream:

2 c. cream
1 c. whole milk
¾ c. sugar
2 tsp. vanilla

Pour chilled ingredients into mixer and churn for 30 minutes.
Add nuts, candies, or berries and mix for an additional 5 minutes.

About the author: Jennifer Wojenski, a freelance  writer, is owner of Hors D’Oeuvres
Unlimited, a catering service based in Keene, New Hampshire.  To contact her, drop her a
line at
The author's daughters, Alex and Anna, enjoying yummy ice cream at Goldenrod's in York, ME
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