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Green Beans with Garlic
by Charlie Burke

Green beans are in all the farm stands and farmers’ markets now, and we all
have a favorite way to prepare them (mine is to boil them in well salted water
until just tender, then drain and serve with butter or olive oil). Here is an
alternative way to serve them which will catch everyone’s attention.

My wife, Joanne, lived in Spain for six years during her father's service in the
Navy. We have traveled there several times and learned they often cook
vegetables without water. This is a delicious example which could become a
family favorite.

Four servings

1 pound very fresh green beans. Stem ends removed
1 ½ tablespoons olive oil
1 or 2 medium cloves garlic, chopped very fine
Sea salt or kosher salt

Heat oil in a sauté or fry pan over medium/high heat.
Add the beans, leaving them undisturbed until they
brown or char. Toss them to brown further, then lower
heat and cover the pan until the beans are barely tender.
Add the garlic and the salt (to taste, about 2 teaspoons),
toss in then hot pan for a minute or so and serve.
We serve this with grilled meat and fish, and it’s always a hit.

About the author  An organic farmer and avid cook, writer Charlie Burke is the
vice president of the New Hampshire Farmer’s Market Association and helps
run the Sanbornton Farmers' Market. Along with his wife, Joanne, he grows
certified organic herbs, greens and berries at Weather Hill Farm in Sanbornton,
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