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Christmas Cookie Exchange
By Marcia Passos Duffy

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The details of the very first Christmas cookie exchange remains buried in the
annals of cooking history, but my bet is that it started as: 1) a reason for women
(or men – I found a men’s cookie exchange group in Seattle, WA) to get together
during the stressful holiday season and decompress, and 2) the best way
to get a wide assortment of home-made cookies for the holidays that you don’t
have to make yourself.

Right now there are probably a baker’s dozen (or more) cookie exchanges going
on right in your own neighborhood.  Most are similar in the way they operate:
Typically each person brings ten cookies for each member – so if you have 10
members that’s 100 cookies you need to bake. Certainly a lot of baking, but in
return each gets a huge assortment of cookies all shapes, sizes and flavors to
give away as gifts or to bring out after your Christmas dinner.

Thinking of having a cookie swap?  Here are some tips on hosting one:

1.        Invite group (10 is a good number – any more than that makes the swap
difficult to manage) of cookie-loving friends and neighbors to bring a batch of
cookies – about 1 dozen multiplied by the number of guests. The invitations can
be sent by mail or email, but make sure you ask each participant to make 10-12
copies of the cookie recipe they will make (and to bring them to the party), and
their own tins to transport 100+ cookies home.

2.        Make sure you include an RSVP number to call – you’re going to need to
find out what cookies they are going to bake; make sure no one makes the same
type of cookie – a successful exchange aims for variety!

3.        Make sure guests know the cookies need to make cookies that can stand
up to being transported easily – no paper-thin fragile recipes!

4.        Select an evening about a week or 10 days before Christmas for the

5.        Decide if you are going to serve appetizers, drinks and cookie sampling.  

6.        During the exchange organize the cookies buffet-style so guests can easily
gather up their cookies into their containers.

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