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New Hampshire
The Little House Country Victorian Guest Cottage
325 Richmond Road
Fitzwilliam, NH 03447
Your Innkeepers:
Sherri and Andrew Walters

When Andrew and Sherri
Walters looked at the cottage
next door to their home on
Richmond Road in Fitzwilliam,
NH, they looked past the hole
in the floor, the fallen down
chimney and the fact that there
was no electricity or plumbing.
They saw the bits of wallpaper still clinging to the walls and thought “guest
house.” They imagined a year or two of elbow grease; a little paint here, a
gingham curtain there. Little did they know they were entering into a four year
long project which they eventually transformed this tumble-down tiny house
into a delightful private cottage for two on its own 2-acre lot on a back country
road.  They call it, appropriately enough, “The Little House,” which is available
for a night, a weekend or a weeklong stay. A brick path winds up to the porch
where cherry red doors open into a sitting room complete with a Rumford
fireplace burning merrily at your request. With just a bit of imagination you may
feel as though you have returned to the 1920’s (modern conveniences are tucked
in and well hidden).  The Little House is available year round.

Q&A With Innkeeper, Sherri Walters

Can you tell us a little bit of the history of The Little House?

The Little House was built before the turn of the century.  It has been a
honeymoon cottage, a home for workers at the local granite quarries and a maple
sugar house.

What made you interested in inn keeping?

We have always enjoyed making visiting friends feel welcome. Other than that
little tidbit, “cottage keeping” just happened to us.

What kind of shape was it in when you purchased it and what kind of
renovation work was required?

The Little House was in very bad shape. Most
people advised us to tear it down. There was
no electricity or plumbing. There had been a fire
from a maple syruping mishap, which left a hole
in the floor and ceiling of the living room. There
were bits of flowery wallpaper remaining on the
plastered walls to give us hope and inspiration.

What is it like living near The Little House?  And what is your favorite spot or

We have been enjoying staying at The Little House giving the excuse that we
need to experience staying there in order to meet every possible need of our
guests! Our home next door has been patiently waiting for its own renovations
while we worked long and hard on The Little House. It is hard to say what our
favorite spot is. It is lovely to sit by the crackling fire.

We feel like we are playing house, cooking in the old fashioned kitchen. We
enjoy waking up to the sun shining in the diamond-paned windows. There is
nothing like a long soak in a claw-foot tub. We have yet to really enjoy the wrap-
around porch as it was just completed at the end of the summer. We are sure it
will be a favorite spot as well.

What makes a stay at The Little House unique?

You may have heard of the slow food movement.
We are encouraging visitors to slow down the pace
of life. A hand crank coffee grinder is available for
grinding coffee for that first cup in the morning.
Tea is served loose in a teapot. Fresh organic
oranges wait in the refrigerator to squeeze into
juice. A long soak in the claw-foot tub is sure to
help you slow down. Life’s too short to hurry.

What kind of specials do you have for your guests throughout the year?

We have romance and wedding night specials complete with gift baskets, wine
and candlelight. We can arrange for a picnic basket to take along on daily
adventures. Our neighbor across the way has a sugar house to visit during maple
sugar season. Maple syrup in special bottles is available to take home. In winter,
cross-country skiing is not far away. Especially nice when you can return “home”
to a crackling fire.

When is the best time of year to stay at The Little House?

Any time! You may just want to hole up and be alone or just use it has a place to
return after lots of exploring in the area.

Please tell us a little about the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire.

The Monadnock Region is full of history and nature.  For those who enjoy the
outdoors, a climb up
Mt. Monadnock should not be missed. It is one of the most
frequently climbed mountains in the world.  The Little House is within minutes
Rhododendron State Park and Gap Mountain. It is just a short drive to Laurel

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