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Issue #121 ~ August 20, 2006
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Features of the Week:
Fall Foliage in Maine
A"Maizing" Corn Mazes

In Season Recipe:
Salade Nicoise

Mark Your Calendar!
Great Apple Maine Day

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A New Hampshire-Made Sheepkin!

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"Wisdom is knowing what to overlook."

William James

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Notes from my back porch...

Today, while driving, I caught a glimpse of something startling -- "Look,"  I
said to my kids, "..that tree is turning!"  I pointed to the tips of a small swamp
maple, swaying in the wind, waving its brilliant scarlet leaves.  My daughter
gasped:  "No, it can't be! Summer can't be over yet!"

Well, it's not over
yet,  but it is this time of year where we in Northern New
England do catch a peek of things to come.  This week you'll have a peek at
two of the pleasures of autumn in New England: fall foliage and corn mazes.  
And don't miss Charlie's Salade Nicoise that brings the bounty of New
England's harvest together to make a delicious end-of-summer salad.

Enjoy this week's newsletter & thanks for stopping by The Heart of New

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This week's stories:

Fall Foliage in Maine -- What You Need to Know
Planning a fall foliage trip to Maine? Here's what you  need to know. The
leaves show their color first in the extreme north, then  in the western
mountains and central valleys, and lastly in eastern,  coastal and southern
Click here to find out the best time to visit for fall foliage and where
to go once you get to Maine....

A-Maizing Corn Mazes -- Visit One This Fall
The first time our family went into a corn maze, we looked at each other and
said, “ha, we’ll be out of here in a half hour.”  Well, it was “a-mazing” how
challenging and disorienting (but fun!) a corn maze can be.
Click here to read
story and get a listing of corn mazes in Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont...

In Season Recipe:
Salade Nicoise

"Salade Nicoise is a 'composed salad', meaning each component is prepared
separately and then arranged on a platter for an attractive presentation. It also
means it is prepared ahead, perfect for entertaining..."
Read on...

For more recipes click here

Visit this week's sponsor:
Mountain Top Inn - Vermont

Mountain Top Inn was Completely Renovated in 2005 and Offers a Total of
33 Rooms Spread Over 3 Floors. Starting at US $196/Night.  
Click here for
more information on the Mountain Top Inn...

Click below for a listing of more B&Bs/Inns:
New Hampshire

Mark Your Calendar...

Great Maine Apple Day - October 14, 2006
Unity, Maine

If you've never used anything but Macintosh apples for pie,
think a keeper is only a term used in fishing, or believe that a Black
Oxford is only a type of dress shoe, you definitely need to brush up on
your Maine apple history. The sixth annual Great Maine Apple Day on
Saturday, Oct. 14, 2006 is just the place to do that while socializing with other
people who enjoy growing, eating and cooking with Maine apples. The event
takes place from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on the grounds of the Maine Organic
Farmers and Gardener's Association in the town of Unity.  
Click here for more information...

For more Northern New England events for this month visit:
Calendar of (Uniquely-Northern New England) Events


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