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The Heart of New England's Weekly Newsletter
Issue #111 ~ May 21, 2006
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Notes from my Back Porch
My lovely lilacs

Feature of the Week
Cathedral of the Pines....has Flowers too

Recipe of the Week:
Steak: Pan Seared, Oven Roasted

Calendar Pick of the Week & Travel News
Best of the "Wurst" Festival (New Hampshire)

Thrifty Tips of the Week
For the frugal New Englander in you...

Worth Quoting

"Much of New England is like the spot where I now sit:
in every direction the woodscape is unbroken to the
horizon, forming a single forest community where
a lowly squirrel can travel in a straight line all day
and scarcely touch the ground."

Ronald Jager from his book
"Last House on the Road" ===>

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Notes from my Back Porch....
Greetings from The Heart of New England

Are the lilacs early this year?  I wish
I kept a gardening journal to know for sure.
It seems everything is blooming early.  
We have one very large lilac bush
(well, it is almost like a
tree) in full bloom
at the moment and I wanted to share
this photo taken from my home office
(on the second floor of our house) where
I publish this newsletter =>

Now if it would only stop raining so
I can open the window and let the lilac
fragrance gently waft into my office!

* * *

Hope you enjoy this week's newsletter & thanks for stopping by
The Heart of New England!

Publisher & Editor
About me

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Feature of the Week

Cathedral of the Pines...Has Flowers Too

If you are among the hundred thousand or so visitors to New Hampshire’s
Cathedral of the Pines
this season, you will find more than pine trees to catch
your eye and warm your heart.  Poised on the brink of a lofty knoll facing New
Hampshire's Mount Monadnock, the 2,000-seat cathedral is unbounded by walls.
Its only pillars are living pines, and its broad, domed ceiling is heaven itself.

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Recipe of the Week
by Charlie Burke

Steak: Pan-Seared, Oven Roasted

We are now in the outdoor grilling season, and I certainly enjoy cooking over
hardwood charcoal, but in rainy weather or when we are having guests for
dinner I prefer to cook inside. Some of my previous recipes use this restaurant
technique of searing on the stove top, then finishing the dish in the oven. The
same advantages of this approach which appeal to busy chefs are also important
to home cooks – ease and predictability of results.
Read on...

For the complete list of our recipes, visit our food archives.

Danbury, NH
Fri, May 26, 2006 - Sun, May 28, 2006

At New Hampshire’s award winning German/Austrian/Swiss Restaurant.
Join us for three days of fresh Bratwurst, Schnitzels, Sauerkraut, Red Cabbage,
German Potato Salad, Spaetzle, German Beer on draft, German Wines,
Trachten Contests & Live German Music by Michael Kaelin on the Accordion.
True to the festival’s name the Alphorn Bistro at Inn at Danbury hosting the
celebration received the 2005 Editor’s Pick award from New Hampshire
Magazine for "BEST WURST" in the State.

Phone: 603-768-3318
Location: Inn at Danbury, 67 Route 104
Time: Fri. 4:00pm-8:30pm; Sat. 4:30pm-9:00pm; Sun. 12:30pm-5:00pm
Price: Call for ticket information

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Hot off the press:
Centennial Inn in Concord, NH Changes Owners
Free Family Fishing in Maine
Sheep Shearing Weekend in Vermont
Performing Arts Festival in Maine
Where to Get Fresh Veggies in Maine

Thrifty Tips of the Week
For the frugal New Englander in you...

Keeping the Toothpaste Tube Clean
Tired of having a squished toothpaste tube with a messy tip?  The simple
solution is squeezing from the bottom. Then put the cap back on the toothpaste
tube and roll up the empty tube as you use it.  When you squeeze the tube from
the bottom, more of the excess toothpaste is sucked back into the tube.

Free Credit Reports Online
You can get access your credit report from the three major credit reporting
companies for free at
www.annualcreditreport.com. Equifax, Experian and
TransUnion are required by law to give you access to your credit report once a
year for free.  This website makes it easy to request this information.

Stay Cool This Summer While Saving Energy
If you use air-conditioning, set your thermostat as high as comfortably possible
in the summer. The less difference between the indoor and outdoor
temperatures, the lower your overall cooling bill will be. Don't set your
thermostat at a colder setting than normal when you turn it on. It will not cool
your home any faster and could result in excessive cooling and unnecessary
expense. Remember that insulation and sealing air leaks will improve energy
performance and comfort in summer by keeping cool air inside. (Source: US
Department of Energy)

Storing Yeast
You can extend the life of yeast by storing it in the freezer.  Active dry yeast can
be stored in the freezer for up to a year.  Freeze it in sealed plastic or glass
container and be sure to mark it with the date of purchase.

Cherry Tomatoes in a Marinate Salad
When making a marinated salad with cherry or grape tomatoes in it, puncture
the tomatoes.  They will absorb more of the marinade.

Thanks to Thrifty Fun for this week's tips!

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Marcia Passos Duffy, Publisher & Editor


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