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The Heart of New England's Weekly Newsletter
Issue #110 ~ May 14, 2006
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Notes from my Back Porch

Feature of the Week

Recipe of the Week:
Lobster "Pie"

Calendar Pick of the Week
Fiber Festival (Jamaica, Vermont)

Thrifty Tips of the Week
For the frugal New Englander in you...

Worth Quoting

"We had already acquired stock images
of rural New Hampshire, partly fabricated
from myths and books and partly observed
by driving through it: the wildlife and accents
and stone walls; the decorum of its villages
and its colonial architecture; the rock landscapes
and their layered history; the people, the swamp
Yankee and flatlander, the natives, real and adopted.  
With their crusty integrity and their cranky politics."

Ronald Jager from his book
"Last House on the Road" ===>

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Notes from my Back Porch....

Greetings from The Heart of New England
and hope all you moms out there had a restful day!

and I'm much better now (although still eating crackers and drinking tea).  
and I'm much better now (although still eating crackers and drinking tea).  

Despite the rain and raw weather outside there was no better day to be sick in
bed and not feel guilty about it (plus have my whole family cater to my every
whim, okay, my "whims" were easy: please make me another cup of tea).

* * *

Hope you enjoy this week's newsletter & thanks for stopping by
The Heart of New England!

Publisher & Editor
About me

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Feature of the Week

Geocaching: A High-Tech Treasure Hunt

"The days of pirate maps leading to buried treasure chests on remote island
beaches may be over, but that did not stop me from going on a treasure hunt one
Saturday morning in November.  I didn’t need a sword or a parrot on my
shoulder, but I, along with seven of my classmates, did carry a couple of
borrowed GPS devices and pocketfuls of plastic monkeys, sharks, and a deck of
Read on...

Recipe of the Week
by Charlie Burke

Lobster "Pie"

"It is hard to improve on these elemental foods, but my mother found a way to
serve lobster out of the shell, enriched by butter and the lobster’s 'tomalley'  but
still preserving the taste of fresh lobsters. She served it on New Year’s Eve and
special occasion, and I still make it on holidays and for friends. It is really not
really lobster pie, but that’s what she always called it. Her recipe contained only
the lobster meat and its juices but she did mix butter and, of all things, Cheese–It
crackers with the green liver to cover the meat to keep it moist during cooking."
Read on...

For the complete list of our recipes, visit our food archives.
Calendar Pick of the Week & Travel News

Jamaica, Vermont Fiber Festival   

Join us in a street fair with fiber fun for the whole family.
Jamaica, VT  
May 20, 2006  
10-4 pm.  

Sheep to shawl demonstration, sheep shearing, yarn spinning, and weaving.
Maypole dancing, raffles, food, craft vendors including spinning and weaving
equipment as well as fleece and yarn, fiber-related demonstrations and classes
and kids' activities, and live music.

Location:  Main Street Jamaica Village  
(802) 874-7201  Event Phone

* * *

Don't miss out on what's happening in your neck of the northern New
England woods!  Visit our monthly
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And for the latest travel news visit our Newsroom.

Hot off the press:
Gas Aid for Eagle Mountain Guests (NH)
Vermont's Cultural Heritage Days Begins May 27

Thrifty Tips of the Week
For the frugal New Englander in you...

Uses for Tic Tac Containers

Save Tic Tac and other breath mint containers and use them to
store small items in the shop. Tic Tac containers are especially
handy because they are clear so you can see what's inside them.

~ ~ ~

Uses for Empty Baby Wipe Containers

Baby wipe containers can be used for storing numerous things
like crayons and art supplies. Or, use them in the shop to store
nails and screws. Baby wipe containers close tightly and are
stackable. Be sure to re-use them before you recycle them.

~ ~ ~

Uses for Pringles Cans

Pringles cans work well for storing small toys and tennis balls.
They work well for to store clean (or still being used) paint
rollers and small paint brushes. They are also the perfect size
for storing home baked cookies.

~ ~ ~

Prescription Bottle Sewing Kit

You can use a prescription bottle to make a little sewing kit
for travel or as a gift for a college student. It's the perfect
size to fit a couple small spools of thread, a few needles, a
needle threader, a thimble and some buttons.

~ ~ ~

Uses for Bread Heels

A lot of people don't like using bread heels for toast or
them until you have enough to make stuffing or bread pudding.
Use them to make bread crumbs, grind them up in a food processor
and store them in the freezer.

~ ~ ~

Uses for Old Jeans

When jeans are past their prime and not suitable for wearing,
you can recycle the fabric to use in craft projects. Denim is
durable and great for making purses or sleeves to hold tools.

~ ~ ~

Uses for Socks

Here are some uses for unmatched socks. Make a sock puppet with
some sewn on buttons for eyes. Put a sock on your hand and use
it as a dust rag. Slip a sock over a yard stick and secure it
with a rubber band and to clean under your fridge. Save them for
the winter when you need to wear two pairs.

Thanks to Thrifty Fun for this week's tips!

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