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The Heart of New England's Weekly Newsletter
Issue #109 ~ May 7, 2006
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What's New in the Heart of New England...

Notes from my Back Porch
Mother's Day & Black Flies

Recipe of the Week:
Broiler Poached Halibut

New England Gardening
Mulch Volcanoes: Hazardous to Your Garden

Calendar Pick of the Week
New England Landscapes: An Art Exhibit (NH)

Thrifty Tips of the Week
For the frugal New Englander in you...

Worth Quoting

"A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five
people, promptly announces she never did care for pie."

~Tenneva Jordan

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Breakfast in Bed
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Notes from my Back Porch....

Mother's Day & Black Flies

May is a busy month for us ... both our children have May birthdays...then
there are all those special occasions like first communions, plays, and recitals
which all seem to be clumped together in May. Add to that the usual schedule
of baseball, track meets and Lacrosse games and you're looking at one very
frazzled mom here.  Now I know why Mother's Day is in May -- this is one
month when we need a day off!  While it is still week away, I'm relishing the
thought of sleeping in and getting my coffee in bed :)  

For those of you who live in northern New England, Mother's Day signals the
start of a dreaded season: Black Fly Season.  They're out earlier this year (like
everything else) and one managed to bite me on my belly while I was at my
son's baseball game (don't ask how!)  In case you missed our story published
about two years ago on these nasty critters, here it is again:
They're Back! The (Dreaded) Black Flies.

* * *
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somewhere deep inside, was amazing. It has been close to 14 years since I was last in
Maine, or in the Northeast in general. The soul never forgets the beauty. Thank you for
the gift."
 Lorri C., WA

* * *

Hope you enjoy this week's newsletter & thanks for stopping by
The Heart of New England!

Publisher & Editor
About me

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$100 gift certificate toward lodging at Vermont's Wildflower Inn, plus 1/2
gallon of the inn's own maple syrup (valued at $30). Click here to enter today:

The Heart of New England

Recipes of the Week
by Charlie Burke

Broiler Poached Halibut

"Fresh halibut from New England waters is now available in local fish stores,
and this firm, mildly flavored fish lends itself to many preparations, including
our recipes for
roasted swordfish (substituting white for the red wine),
swordfish Provencal and even the Spanish preparation for hake with clams. In
some areas, swordfish is over-fished, as are cod and haddock, so consider
substituting halibut for these species."  
Read on...

For the complete list of our recipes, visit our food archives.
New England Gardening

Mulch Volcanoes: Good or Bad for Trees?

Have you noticed more and more tree trunks in the area with thick mounds of
bark mulch circling their bases? If you've been wondering about these
mountainous mulch "volcanoes" during fall planting season, then take our
read on...

For more gardening tips & stories visit our Garden Archives
MML Brand
Calendar Pick of the Week

New England Landscape Exhibit - Concord, New Hampshire
Show Runs May 8 - June 9, 2006

The landscape of New England has been an artistic muse for artists for
generations. It inspires them to visit here, live here and paint here. This show
brings together three artists and their varied views of the New England
landscape from its far-flung corners. While a subject visited often - these artists
bring their own unique interpretations.
 Click here for more information &
details on this exhibit...

* * *

Don't miss out on what's happening in your neck of the northern New
England woods!  

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Thrifty Tips of the Week
For the frugal New Englander in you...

Marking Seed Rows

Use paper seed packages as markers for rows of seeds.  Just
cover the seed package with clear contact paper to prevent it
from the elements and slip over a small stake.

~ ~ ~

Herbs to Prevent Insects

Some herbs can help prevent insects from damaging other plants.
For example, anise and coriander discourage aphids. Contact your
local nursery or agricultural college extension to find out
which herbs will work best in your area.

~ ~ ~

Do Your Weeding After Watering

Pull weeds after you have watered your lawn or garden.  That
will loosen up the earth and you will get more of the weed's

~ ~ ~

Wire Hanger Trellis

You can make a small trellis out of a wire hanger.  Straighten
the hanger's hook and then bend the remaining hanger into
whatever shape your want your trellis to be.  Then stick the
straighten hook into the dirt and you have a wire trellis for
potted plants.

~ ~ ~

Better Drainage in Your Plant Pots

There are lot of items you can put in the bottom of your plant
pot to help improve drainage.  If you have a broken coffee cup,
just break it into smaller pieces and put those at the bottom of
the planter.  Other items that will are: walnut shells, broken
clay pot shards, marbles or stones.  To make your planter
lighter, use foam packing peanuts.

~ ~ ~

Borax and Cornmeal for Drying Flowers

You can dry flowers in about 10 days using Borax and Cornmeal.
This requires 2 parts borax to 1 part white cornmeal. First,
cover the bottom a tub with a thin layer of this powder.  Then
place your flowers on top of this layer.  Slow add more of the
powder until the flowers are covered.  It's best to not pour the
mixture directly on the flowers (it may squish them), but off to
the side, letting it cover the flowers as the tub fills up.
Once the flowers are covered, let them sit for 10 days.  Sand
can be substituted for the borax but it takes 16 days for the
flowers to dry if you use sand.

~ ~ ~

Keep Thin Vases From Tipping Over

Fill the bottom of bud vases with sand or gravel to keep them
from tipping over easily.

Thanks to Thrifty Fun for this week's tips!

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