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The Heart of New England's Weekly Newsletter
Issue #103 ~ March 26, 2006
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Notes from my Back Porch
Frost Heaves

Recipes of the Week:
Portabella Mushroom "Burgers"
Lamb & Eggplant Maple Curry

New England Gardening
Anyone (yes, even you!) can start a vegetable garden!

Calendar Pick of the Week
I Have Not Forgotten You (Vermont)

Thrifty Tips of the Week
For the frugal New Englander in you...

Worth Quoting

"March rains serve only to fill ditches."

(New England proverb)

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Notes from my Back Porch

When we first moved to New Hampshire
I noticed these "frost heaves" neon road
signs mysteriously appear in the spring.  
When I first spotted them, driving along
some winding backroads, I became a bit
heaves...huh?  Noun or verb?  

I (and my car and all its occupants) have since learned the true
meaning of the term.  Back in NY we would have pot holes, but frost
heaves are a reverse phenomenon that bulges the road up instead of
down.  The term, apparently, is classified as a noun, and is peculiar to
New England according to the folks at Answers.com:

frost heave
n. New England.
A section of ruptured pavement caused by the expansion of freezing
water immediately under the road. Also called frost boil.

There you have it.  Now avoid them if you can.  :)

*  *  *
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awesome!  I enjoy the articles and the recipes and the pictures....it is
full of useful information and interesting history and things to do and
see.  Thanks for a great online magazine. I LOVE IT. ~ Leslie S. "

"...Every year I make several different recipes for Irish bread,
constantly seeking the 'right' one for me. This month I tried 4 different
recipes and the one from the last newsletter for the
traditional Irish
bread was the best by far! I am so pleased with it that I just had to
write and tell you. It was worth signing up for your newsletter just to
get that recipe! Thank you so much for everything you do!   :-)  ~
Hannah B. from CT"

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Recipes of the Week

Portabella Mushroom "Burger"
by Charlie Burke

"Portabella mushrooms are an excellent substitute for meat and have
a unique earthy flavor of their own. This preparation is easy - a
healthy, light and crunchy “burger” whether served alone or on a
read on...

Lamb & Eggplant Maple Curry

For the complete list of our recipes, visit our food archives.

New England Gardening

Anyone Can Start a Vegetable Garden!

Despite the many benefits a garden offers, starting a vegetable garden
may seem like a daunting project. After all, there’s all that tilling,
fertilizing, planting, and watering, right? While there’s no denying
that a garden involves a lot of work, it really isn’t that difficult.
Read on...

For more gardening tips & stories visit our Garden Archives
MML Brand
Calendar Pick of the Week

"I have not forgotten you:  The experiences of Vermont women who
headed west are recalled through diaries and letters.

Colchester, VT  
Mar 26, 2006   -2 pm.  

By 1860, some 42 percent of Vermont's residents had left behind its
rocky hillsides and headed westward. Sarah Town of Franklin no
doubt spoke for many another homesick emigrant when she wrote
from Illinois in 1846 'Though far away among strangers in a strange
land... I have not forgotten you.' Through diaries, letters and
reminiscences, Linda Peavy and Ursula Smith share the experiences
of Town and several other women who left but never forgot
Vermont. Location:  Burnham Memorial Library  

(802) 879-7576  Event Phone
Contact:  Georgeana Little

* * *

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Thrifty Tips of the Week
For the frugal New Englander in you...

Organizing Bills & Statements

~ ~ ~

Three Ring Binder

I got tired of digging through filing cabinets to find a
statement or bill so I started punching holes in my bills and
organizing them in a three ring binder. I organized them by date.
(Bills too small to be punched were taped or stapled to a larger
piece of paper.) I had separate sections for bills, taxes,
insurances, credit cards, etc.  I had a separate binder for
medical papers and bills and one just for the house which
contained my mortgage contract and statements. When I needed to
find a statement, I just flipped through the appropriate binder
and each year I start new binders.

~ ~ ~

See Through Folders

I use the binders that have zippers all around and metal rings
inside. I put those plastic see thru folders that snap shut, I
punch holes thru them and place them in the binder, label them,
that way you can just slip the bills in there and when it comes
time to pay the bills you have everything including pens and
whatever else you need all in one binder and zipped so you don't
misplace the bills! Works great for me!

~ ~ ~

Folders for Each Day of the Month

In the front of my file cabinet (main file cabinet) I keep
folders marked 1-31, representing each day of the month. As bills
arrive, I place them in the folder for the day I need to pay
them.  Really helps me to get my bills paid on time.

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