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The Heart of New England's Weekly Newsletter
Issue #102 ~ March 20, 2006
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Notes from my Back Porch

Recipes of the Week:
Spring Artichoke Pasta
French Maple Dressing

New England Gardening
Grow Sprouts

Calendar Pick of the Week
Maple Weekends: ME, NH, VT

Thrifty Tips of the Week
For the frugal New Englander in you...

Worth Quoting

"In three words I can sum up everything
I know about life: It goes on."

~ Robert Frost

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Notes from my Back Porch

Greetings from The Heart of New England!

Quick: What's the New Hampshire state insect? (Answer: ladybug).  
What about NH's state tree? (No, not maple, but white birch).  

I'm proud to say that I have these answers at my fingertips now that
I've become a certified Granite State Ambassador...part of a 684
member volunteer team which staff front-line travel locations
throughout NH taking on (with unending patience) every imaginable
question that a tourist, oops,
visitor could possibly have (oh...just
please don't ask me where the "state of New England" is!)  

The training was a fun-filled and informative two days at the
EF Lane Hotel in Keene, NH (which graciously hosted the event and
provided an unbelievable spread for lunch every day) and worth
every cent (and more) of the $25 fee.  If you live in, and have a
passion for New Hampshire, see the
GSA website for information on
the next training session.

So...any questions about New Hampshire?  Ask away! ;)

* * *
Feature of the week:

Many states would be honored to have just one grand hotel.
New Hampshire offers its visitor four remarkable grand hotels,
each with a role in history all its own.
Read on...

* * *

Hope you enjoy this week's newsletter & thanks for stopping by
The Heart of New England!

Publisher & Editor
About me

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This Month's Giveaway...

Prints by New Hampshire Artist, Suerae Stein...beautiful artwork!

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Recipes of the Week

Spring Artichoke Pasta
By Charlie Burke

"Artichokes are versatile and flavorful, they are great sautéed and
served with grilled meat or fish; at room temperature sautéed
artichokes can be added to salads or served as a snack or appetizer."
Read on...

French Maple Dressing

For the complete list of our recipes,
visit our
food archives.

New England Gardening

Attention all you die-hard gardeners: can't wait to see something
sprout?  How about growing
sprouts?  New Hampshire gardener
Jeanne Sable tells you how.  
Read on...

For more gardening tips & stories visit our Garden Archives
Serious Gardeners are Gearing Up! Visit Gardener's Supply Company - 15% off orders of $25 or more!
Vermont Country Store Easter Collection
Calendar Pick of the Week
Maple Sugaring Open Houses:

The cold nights and warmer days in
northern New England are the perfect
conditions to set the sap flowing in
the sugar bush.  Maple syrup
producers are frantically busy
boiling sap during this short season...
and if you want to see them in action (and taste to-die-for fresh warm
syrup), visit one of the many producers who are hosting open (sugar)
houses this coming weekend!

Maine's Maple Syrup Open House Sunday
New Hampshire Maple Producers Open House
Vermont Maple Producers Open House

* * *
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Thrifty Tips of the Week
For the frugal New Englander in you...

Using Broccoli Stems

You don't have to throw away those broccoli stems.  They can be
cooked with broccoli flowers if you cut them into bite size
pieces and cut an "x" in each end.

~ ~ ~

Cheese Grater Tip

You can make cleaning your cheese grater a snap by rubbing
cooking oil on the grater before using it.

~  ~  ~

Grease Spills In The Oven

If grease or oil spills in your oven, quickly toss some salt on
the stain.  Once the oven has cooled off and the salt has dried,
brush it out of your oven.  Most of the stain should be gone.

~  ~  ~

Stinky Plastic Container

Remove bad odors from plastic containers by putting a crumpled
up piece of newspaper in the dry container.  Cover the container
and let it sit overnight.  The newspaper will absorb most of the
odor, then wash as usual.

Thanks to Thrifty Fun for this week's tips!

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