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The Heart of New England's Weekly Newsletter
Issue #101 ~ March 12, 2006
What's New in the Heart of New England...

Feature Stories
Tapping Birch (Instead of Maple) Trees

Recipes of the Week:
Stuffed Eggplant
Maple Syrup Pudding
Irish breads

New England Gardening
Late Winter Pruning

Calendar Pick of the Week
Vintage Ski Race (Vermont)

Thrifty Tip of the Week
Fixing Loose Door Hinges

Worth Quoting

"When the snow turns gray and everything else in the world seems to
be mud brown, we invest our hopes in amber gold. That's the color
of maple syrup, and it flows as the earth begins to thaw."

~New Hampshire writer Pat Haley, from her book,
The Nine Seasons Cookbook

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what to see and do in
Northern New

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Greetings from The Heart of New England!

Can it be that St. Patty's day is this Friday? This sure harbinger of
spring is here...and I'm still waiting for winter to arrive!  No matter,
I'm going to get my corned beef and make my once a year
England Boiled Dinner.

Any self-respecting New Englander knows that we're in sugaring
season.  But did you know that maples are not the only tree that can
be tapped for syrup?  This week's feature is all about t
apping birch
trees for some alternative sweet stuff to put on your pancakes.

Hope you enjoy this week's newsletter & thanks for stopping by
The Heart of New England!

Publisher & Editor
About me

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Prints by New Hampshire Artist, Suerae Stein...beautiful artwork!

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Recipes of the Week

Stuffed Eggplant
I try to use seasonal ingredients in our
recipes, but for some reason, eggplant flies
under my "seasonal radar" and I find myself
using it year round.  
Read on...

Maple Syrup Pudding
Irish Breads
Irish Mushroom Soup

For the complete list of our recipes, visit our food archives.

New England Gardening Calendar

Late Winter Pruning

"A gardener on the threshold of spring is
like a bather at the edge of an icy pool."  

Late winter pruning is one good way to jump in!  Pruning now can
reshape or redirect a plant, and encourages growth.  But prune only
deciduous trees and shrubs and only those that haven't set out their
buds yet (however, you can carefully prune those that do, see story on
forcing branches)...and do avoid pruning dogwood, birch and maple
now since sap will run (and run and run) from the wounds.  Not
necessarily harmful, but awfully messy.  

For more gardening tips & stories visit our Garden Archives

Calendar Pick of the Week

Vintage Ski Race
March 19, 2006
Brownsville, Vermont (Ascutney Mountain)

Racers are encouraged to don their vintage clothing, leather boots
and equipment and navigate a special NASTAR-style race course set
on the Screaming Eagle trail, known to many old-timers as Main
Slope. The course is set with a mix of red and blue bamboo poles and
the once-common yellow bamboo slalom pole, and skiers compete in
two categories: Woodie and Metal-Fiberglass. Technicians will be on
hand with vintage skis mounted with modern bindings for those who
aren’t lucky enough to still own a pair of classics.  For more
information about the Vermont Antique Ski Race or to make a
donation to the Vermont Ski Museum, contact Meredith Scott at the
Vermont Ski Museum at 802.253.9911 or Bill Henne, director of
marketing at Ascutney, 802.484-3609 or

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Thrifty Tip of the Week

Fixing Loose Door Hinges

If the screws from your door hinges are pulled loose from the
door frame, possibly from a gust of wind blowing it wide open,
you can fix this by hammering wooden golf tees into the old screw
holes then refastening the door hinges to the frame.

Thanks to Thrifty Fun for this week's tip!

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Marcia Passos Duffy, Publisher & Editor


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